Meet the Riebels


Hi! We’re the Riebel family:

Mom (and blog author): Cristin

Dad: Nate

And Daughter: Maddie 

I’m in healthcare marketing. Nate is a corporate pilot. And Maddie… well, she’s a socialite all day; everyday.

Since Nate and I met shortly after college, we’ve lived in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. We currently live in Cincinnati, and have been married for nine years. In late 2015 Maddie came into our lives, and turned our cozy coupledom into a full-blown family.

Maddie has quite a personality, and we’re glad you stopped by to get to know her! One of her most unique characteristics is that she has been diagnosed with 1p36 Deletion Syndrome, which means that she is missing part of one of her chromosomes (learn more about 1p36 here).

As you get to know Maddie, you’ll see that this condition does impact her day-to-day life, but it certainly does not define her.  She is blessed to be a blessing, and we’re honored to be her parents!